Star Trek – Short Treks

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Star Trek: Short Treks is a short series set in the Star Trek universe, acting as a companion to Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard. It is the second Star Trek companion series, the eighth series set in the Star Trek universe, and will be the first series to feature both live-action and animated episodes.

Star Trek – Short Treks – Q&A

Duration: 15 144

Ensign Spock’s first day aboard the USS Enterprise doesn’t go as planned when he and Number One are unexpectedly stuck together in a turbolift.    

Star Trek – Short Treks – The Trouble with Edward

Duration: 00:09 84

Newly-minted Captain Lynne Lucero is excited to take command of the USS Cabot. That is, until she meets Edward Larkin, an ornery scientist who believes he has found a revolutionary new use for tribbles.  

Star Trek – Short Trek – “Ask Not”

Duration: 09:48 336

When an attack on Starbase 28 leaves a surprise prisoner under Cadet Thira Sidhu’s watch, she is faced with making a decision that may threaten her standing in Starfleet.      

Star Trek: Short Treks “The Girl Who Made the Stars”

Duration: 07:57 362

 When a lightning storm in space scares a young Michael Burnham, her father aims to ease her fears with a mythical story about a brave little girl who faced her own fears head on.

Star Trek: Short Treks – Ephraim and Dot

Duration: 00:06 390

 Ephraim, a humble tardigrade, is flying through the mycelial network when an unexpected encounter takes her on a bewildering adventure through space.

Star Trek – Short Treks “Children of Mars”

Duration: 00:08 292

Air date: January 9th 12-year-old classmates Kima and Lil find themselves at odds with each other on a day that will change their lives forever. Streaming (Spanish subtitles)  
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